Comic commenting the Mohammed caricature controversy restored

By | December 30, 2011

Remember the Danish caricatures of Prophet Mohammed and all the commotion they stirred? It started in the Fall of 2005. In Finland there was a little side episode in connection to the caricatures. The Finnish Government, headed by prime minister Matti Vanhanen, apologised to the Islamic world for the caricatures published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Excerpt from the comic Mohammed, Fear and Freedom of Speech by Ville Ranta.

Excerpt from the comic Mohammed, Fear and Freedom of Speech by Ville Ranta.

Finnish cartoonist Ville Ranta in turn made a comic called Mohammed, Fear and Freedom of Speech, where he commented on the conversation about and the reactions to the Danish caricatures. Ranta’s comic was released in the Finnish culture magazine Kaltio and on its website in February 2006. This comic in Kaltio resulted in sacking of the editor Jussi Vilkuna and withdrawal of the comic from the website by its service provider. There’s now more detailed summary of this incident on the Kaltio‘s website along with the original comic that started it.

Ranta’s comic has been restored to the website in the late 2011. Both the summary and the comic are available in original Finnish and as English translations. Check them out at Kaltio website.

More recently Ville Ranta has irritated some of the Finns party (formerly True Finns) with his caricatures of them.

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